In this episode I spoke with Jeff Gonzales, the best dressed former Navy SEAL I know and Founder & CEO of @tridentconcepts, Author of @concealedcarrymanual Host of @bulletproofworkshop A big thank you to Dr Mike Simpson, former Green Beret who introduced us, and in the show we mention mutual friends, Clint Emerson, Dr Kirk Parsley, Basic Dude Stuff guy- Pat McNamara. Jeff shares his personal experiences and insights from his military career, why he became a SEAL, and highlighting the significance of character, teamwork, and continuous learning. Drawing from his own journey, Jeff emphasizes the importance of building a strong team, stating that success is achieved through collaboration and trust. Additionally, he discusses the role of leadership in both military and civilian settings, stressing the need for effective communication and decision-making. After leaving the military, Jeff founded his own training company, Trident Concepts, where he continues to impart his knowledge and expertise to individuals seeking personal and professional development. We also touched on thought-provoking topics such as gun control, the Second Amendment, the influence of media, and the preservation of free speech. You can find Jeff on Insta at   / jl_gonzales   And his website on link tree at I am Damian Porter , Former NZ Special Forces Operator, Subject Matter Expert from And you are listening to my STRAIGHT TALK MIND AND MUSCLE PODCAST sponsored by – the ultimate daily formula for optimum hormone health, stress management, energy and performance.  100% natural and clinically proven ingredients, it provides everything you need to raise your game, in a convenient gut-friendly capsule. Links for my former shows are here-WATCH on YouTube-    • Straight Talk- Mind and Muscle Podcast   LISTEN on: spotify:… Itunes –… Google –… Amazon… Subscribe for more amazing tips, interviews and wisdom from phenomenal guests ——- And get your ** FREE ** copy of my 5 day Meal Plan and Exercise eBook here: Here are the mentions with timestamps arranged by topics: Topic: TV Show Yellowstone: 00:00:02 Topic: Websites Pet Mac: 00:03:08 Training Concepts: 01:23:10 Topic: Books Basic Dude Stuff: 00:03:08 “Concealed Carry Manual”: 01:52:37 Topic: Videos Jay’s video on crush grip: 01:26:11 Topic: US Navy US Navy recruiting office: 00:19:48 Fort Sam Houston: 00:20:38 Navy boot camp: 00:23:15 Trident: 00:24:39 Jump school: 00:25:07 PST (Physical Screening Test): 00:26:09 SCTE (Seal Combat Training Evaluation): 00:26:09 Topic: Firearms and Media Gun crime narrative: 01:26:20 Topic: Journalism and Freedom of Speech Twitter: 01:46:31 First Amendment: 01:46:31 Second Amendment: 01:46:31 Social media: 01:47:39

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