By now most folks have heard about the possible changes to the Executive Action on NFA Trust and Corporate transfers. If not, there are plenty of good articles written that help explain the big picture and how it will affect. Probably the best one I have read was from Kel Whelan posted at Soldier System a while back.

Another one supplied by the NRA helped bring to the surface a few holes in the administrations plans. Despite their feel good intentions I seriously doubt they ever gave serious thought to what they were doing. I’m sure they thought it through, but not in an effort to reduce crime, just in an effort to reduce the legal ownership of these items.

First off, I love the idea that a criminal hell bent on causing destruction and carnage apparently has the character and judgement to recognize right from wrong. And in so recognizing the law, would take the time to go through these steps. I would also love to hear how many atrocities have been committed using one of these NFA listed weapons in the first place justifying spending approximately 15 million in tax payer’s money. The efforts from this administration to close this loophole fails the sniff test from the word go.

So, let’s play their little game. Why don’t we start with a chronology of steps one would take to obtain NFA items. First off, it would require some legal advise, probably supplied by a lawyer. Next would be the expenditure of money, some attorney fees are ludicrous no doubt, but even the more reasonable still are expensive. No matter the cost in attorney fee’s there is still the $200 tax stamp payable to the US Government, so it makes total sense a criminal on the verge of a rampage would take time to write a personal check and let’s not forget the wait period that goes hand in hand with anything the federal government has to do in an effort to maintain job security. Does any of this sound like “common sense”.

By this point, I hope not. So, now that we have established several holes in this step by our government to restrict your freedoms what can you do?

You of course could take steps to acquire your own NFA items before the law is changed. Take the legal means necessary if you are so inclined to one of these weapons. As usual with any asinine gun control idea it typically spurs action and in the case the purchasing of these items, so that is a good thing for those business.

Next and more the point of this article is do something about it. We have a finite amount of time to constructively voice our opinion against this encouragement on our civil rights. You can do so by following this link to the page where you can read in detail the changes to the law. In the top left corner you will see a button entitled “Comment Now”. We have until December 9th to post comments. Again, I encourage a respectful tone, but keep it short and sweet.

Finally, we need to send a clear message to our politicians that we do not look favorably on our rights being so recklessly infringed by them. There are several ways to communicate with your elected officials, if you don’t know yours by now, that is problem number one. Learn who they are and how they vote. Either encourage them in a respectful manner to continue to protect your rights or remind them they are an elected official and that you do not approve. Here is a one such website put up by the good folks at Silencerco and American Silencer Association.

We have seen great things happen when as a collective our voices are united. This is another opportunity to let our voices be heard…take action.

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