There is good, bad and of course ugly in everything. For instance, if you were not aware of a little experiment conducted by the great state of Texas recently aimed at the illegal cross boarder activities such as; illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug smuggling, were shut down.

Not delayed, but actually shut down. So, what’s the good. For three weeks these illegal activities were thwarted and it effected the cartels responsible for activities. How much may never be known, but even a modest inconvenience for the three week period is a major victory. Folks outside the know have no idea what that does to an organization, it has a ripple effect across all portions of the business.

The bad, we made the US government look bad. All this talk from the administration about how it couldn’t be done or we should really think this over, or better we need more committees to examine the impact. Well, while your prissy asses are sitting in committees, real men and women got it done! How you like them apples. While embarrassing at certain levels more importantly it showed a great ineptitude of those in charge. The failure at the leadership levels to put aside all the political correctness and bullshit and just make it happen. It’s not a mystery, it’s called organization, leadership and hard work. You should convey a committee to learn those words with the intention of implementing them.

The ugly, it wasn’t cheap. It cost nearly 5 million dollars to make this happen over the three week period. When I see the trillions of dollars we give away to foreign governments who hate us I am utterly pissed off to the tenth degree. What a moronic waste of money. I’m sure somewhere there is someone shaking their head at that comment, he has no idea how governments work, we can’t just reallocate those funds. Really, well we just locked down our own border when you told us we couldn’t. Go ahead and tell me something else “we can’t do”.

What are the long term effects of this little experiment. I have no idea, I notice how main stream media is not really touting our success, which doesn’t surprise me and the primary reason why I elected to write about the subject. I would like to say ‘BRAVO ZULU” to those who had the courage to plan, coordinate and execute an audacious experiment such as this. My hope is we as a state can figure out where to come up with the funds to make this a sustainable operation. How long is hard to say, but long enough to create catastrophic results to those illegal activities. My guess is a couple of years of aggressive action such as the last three weeks would nuke the illegal establishment with permanent sustainment operations to keep them honest.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money no doubt, but the security of our state and it’s citizens not to mention the country at large will be well worth it. Make no mistake, if it came down to money as the limiting factor I know several old school pipe hitters that would be foaming at the mouth to make it happen…yours truly at the front.

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