When You Know What You Are Getting Into

Does anyone remember that show, Wild Kingdom? I LOVED it as a kid, was glued to the TV as long as it was on. Partly because of Jim, you know, the guy Marlin was always sending to wrestle the wild animals. I feel at times that I’m Jim being sent into wrestle the wild animals, wild animals being gun control people.

Set The Example

If you’re going to wrestle wild animals there are a few things you might want to consider. The most important thing to consider is that you are representing more than just yourself or the firearms industry, you’re representing future generations. If you want these same liberties we enjoy for future generations you will have to act in a manner that allows good dialogue. I’m not saying you roll over, but you have to set the example for your opponent to follow. The better educated you are, the easier it is to be confident and stand up for what you believe with out it turning into an all out fight. Help them to rise to the occasion.

Know Your History

You then need to be a student of history. Study not only our history, but other country’s history. Educate yourself on the subject of gun control, learn how it started, how it worked and more importantly what it cost. I have found that cost usually is represented in loss of human life, but in addition I challenge you to research the cost in actual financial terms. Suffice it to say it’s astronomical. This is a major flaw in any of the main arguments proposed for gun control. One question that needs to be addressed is even if confiscation were to be ruled a law, who is going to pay for it? I mean in serious economic woes, how are politicians going to justify the expenditure of so much money. More than likely they will start with you cannot put a price tag on a human life. I absolutely agree, so then it becomes a matter of cost. How many living human lives versus humans no longer living, what is the forumula? There is more to it than that of course, but emotion will wiggle its way in, for that see more below.

Stay Focused on the Point

You then need to improve your ability to communicate. I enter in any “dialogue” or argument with the idea I could be wrong or through the discussion my view is re-validated. I try to listen to their main points, it’s not easy because a lot of times they are layered behind some common practices. The moment you bring reason, logic and data to the table the discussion usually takes a turn for the worse. Typically you see a lot of name calling, bullying and in some cases outright attacks against you. If you are going to step into this arena, you will have to be prepared for these types of tactics. Recognize them for what they are, at best a distraction and at worse a recognition of their own failure. Either case, stay on point. I think it is worth it for everyone to sit down and think about what the phrase “gun control” means to you. Give it some thought, very detailed thought. Then think about the phrase “freedom” and “liberty”. What do they mean to you. You cannot expect to win an argument unless you are prepared.

Be polite, be respectful and in the end make an honest decision. Did anything you hear change your view point? If not, then express to them they failed to persuade you to their way of thinking and that they will have to use force from that point to change your way of thought. Remind them that your way of thinking does not infringe upon their rights nor does it force them to do anything. That pretty much sums it up.

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