The other day I was discussing the merits of gun control after posting the article on Kids and Guns. It was a great article that centered around a different approach towards gun safety with kids. The person in support of  gun control while good intended or not was incapable of seeing anything outside his own thought process. Anything that opposed his view was immediately labeled as “scary”. As a side note, it is interesting that the moment you introduce logic to a conversation the rebuke usually goes emotional on the other side.

There is a great report circulating the internet that more people should read. It’s called “Guns don’t kill people, Democrats do.” The premise of this report had to do with studying violent crime as it relates to voter districts. It was a very interesting analysis of what is pretty “common sense” to most of us. Basically in the study, the majority of firearm homicides occurred in concentrated Democratic voter districts. Hmm, that’s very interesting, I wonder why? We will get to that later.

I’m sure plenty of people will interpret the findings differently and some will outright reject them. Why don’t we try to suspend reality for a second and ask some honest questions. How many have experienced pain, real pain? Using that experience, does it seem reasonable that you would want to avoid that same experience in the future. If that seems reasonable then the premise of these findings will make a lot of sense. The way I interpret them is bad guys are not as dumb as we might think. They are smart enough to play the odds and the odds are communities with a Democratic concentration will be less likely to take their own personal safety as a personal responsibility. That means they are more likely to rely on law enforcement to protect them.

I find it rather unacceptable it is perfectly acceptable for a stranger to risk their own live to protect theirs, but it’s not acceptable for them to take responsibility for their own safety. When you bring this point up the usual response is that is what they are trained to do. Well, unless a police officer is standing at your side the moment a violent crime is going to be committed you are looking at a response time for them to arrive. Even the very best response times are still measured in minutes and truthfully in some places you will probably get a pizza faster.

This thought process is what I like to call “Darwinism revisited.” However, the big difference is in the animal kingdom there is no constitutional rights, there is just life and the struggle to live.

No doubt, we got it a lot easier. We like to think of ourselves as advanced creatures, but in the end we are still animals. Some animals will prey on the weak, it’s the natural order of things; it’s easier, safer for them and higher probability of success. Maybe there is a correlation with the report and Darwin’s theory? I don’t know, but it does make you stop and think.

Darwin, meet gun control Democrats and their agenda.


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