We’ve been fielding a lot of questions on the subject of concealed carry in California ever sense the circuit court ruling a few weeks ago. Let me take a few moments to address a couple of issues.

First off, things are incredibly fluid at this moment. Even the state really doesn’t have any idea of how they’re going to do this at this moment. It will take a while for everything to settle down for us to get a clear picture on what the concealed carry landscape will be. I would urge caution with regards to classes that are certifying you for concealed carry in the state of California until things are more firm.

We do have a concealed carry tactics class scheduled for this summer in Los Angeles. However, this class was suggested by several of our students from last year’s classes well before the Circuit Court ruling. This class is specifically designed around the mechanics and techniques for carrying concealed. We will cover general immediate defense of life scenarios, but we will not cover any of the legalities regardless of the state we happen to be teaching. Even in our home state of Texas, we elect not to certify for the concealed handgun licensing program. Instead, we focus again on mechanics and techniques for the art of carrying concealed.

It is our experience that the various concealed carry certification classes throughout the country very and content and competency. Which used to look at these formats as a legal understanding of your rights and the laws. While some certification processes have a shooting proficiency portion, it is not nor should it be looked at as training for concealed carry. While some of the shooting portions are more challenging even the most challenging are not a substitute for quality training.

We had attempted to offer this class in California a few times in the past, but it was hit with much resistance. People’s complaint was that they’ll never use the concealed carry tactics so why bother going to the class for the skill. In our opinion the skill is incredibly important regardless of whether or not you says a concealed handgun license. It was our intention to increase awareness and momentum towards carrying concealed and it starts with carrying concealed within your own home. While you may not legally be able to carry outside of your home concealed, there should be a reason why you could not carry concealed within your own home. It may seem like overkill to some, but if you consider the number of commendations that occur, it might make more sense. It was the springboard to getting more people involved in their own rights within the state.

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