There is an interesting situation playing out, one that is certainly going to come to a tipping point. Liberal lawmakers in Connecticut using their infinite wisdom drafted a law that will not only stand up to legal scrutiny, but will more than likely put lots of people in danger.

There is an extremely high percentage of gun owners who have for all practical purposes elected not observe this unconstitutional law. From a jail cell in Alabama the late Martin Luther King wrote, “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” It seems that is exactly what is going on, even if there is a high number of individuals who were unaware of the new law, failed to get their firearm registered in time, I think it pales in comparison to those who are deliberately choosing NOT to follow this unjust law.

This is a very clear line in the sand, one that will have to be crossed by the state. If they fail to uphold this law, then by proxy any law will loose it’s integrity and follow suit. Could it lead to anarchy, probably not. I see a lot of other things happening before that, but you have to admit it is a pretty real.

So, for the state to maintain face, they will have to force the legal arm to do it’s bidding. That means good law enforcement people, some that I know will be forced to confiscate firearms from other good people, some that I know. This has bad written all over it, I have spoken with and listened to many law enforcement officers whom I have the utmost respect for comment how this is an order they will not follow.

I don’t blame them one bit, let’s look at from a legal point of view. This unconstitutional law will more than likely not stand up to lawsuits, lawsuits that are being formulated as we speak. Everyone knows it, that is probably why the state is eager to get their confiscation underway. After all possession is 9/10ths of the law and if they manage to confiscate just one “evil” weapon they will undoubtedly consider this as a success.

Could we be looking at our Thermopylae, dramatic maybe. How about the Armies of Santa Anna as they attempted to retrieve a cannon from the town of Gonzales. Who knows???

I for one support my fellow citizens as they make their voice heard in a peaceful manner. Unlike the Occupy Wall-street protesters who cost cities across the country an untold sum of money from damages and loss of revenue for local business’s as well as the burden placed on the cities to protect the everyday people who actually did work or run a business. If you had to compare these two movements, which would you choose?

An interesting proposition, what say the liberal lawmakers jock up in body armor and these evil weapons to themselves enforce their own laws, to walk up to the residence of their constituents and forcibly remove these weapons. I think we all know how that would play out.

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