There are many perks to my job, getting to meet some great people is a big one. Last year while participating in some legislation I got a chance to meet several key politicians. I meet one of Senator Cruz’s political staffers at the actual bill signing and spent some time getting to know him and the senator.

It’s no secret that I am beyond disappointed with our current administration. I believe like many others that we have strayed far from our roots. Some believe it too late, others are so busy with their lives that the disappointment is just too much and they withdrawal. We are at a critical point in our history where we need to take back our country, we need to bring balance back to our lives and ensure the safety and security of our children’s future.

It has been refreshing to watch statesmen such as Senator Cruz whole heartedly step into the arena to champion for his constitutes. In observing him and listening to his message then interacting with the various members of his staff I find his message genuine. I am most impressed by his actions more than anything, from the full repeal of the catastrophic failure known as the Affordable Care Act, to immigration reform and securing our borders, he really does get it and his interests are aligned with many.

So, what does all this mean? Our greatest obstacle to restoring our country comes from within each of us, it is exactly what the Democratic establishment wants us to do, which is nothing. We cannot afford to do that and we cannot afford to wait until the last minute. The decay we currently see must not be allowed to continue.

We have to start laying the ground work now, we have to start getting prepared for what could be the most important election in our history. Everyone one of us has the capacity to get involved at some level. The first step in taking back our country if you believe in conservative values would be to sign a petition that urges Senator Cruz to run for president in 2016. If enough people step forward and express their support it will send a clear message we are behind him.

It also helps to “prep the battlefield” to put it in terms I understand by establishing a network of supporters, volunteers and benefactors. All of which will be part of a grassroots effort, the backbone leading up to an election. I have had the privilege of traveling all over this great country and you can’t swing a dead cat without finding someone unhappy about the current situation on the firing line. Now is your time to do something about it, get involved.

Whatever your view on the current situation, my guess is you are like me and not happy at all. I’m tired of seeing our politicians cowtowking to the establishment. I think it is time to see someone who doesn’t want to manage the decay, but instead someone who wants to do something about it, dare I say change.

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  1. paulmnihill says:

    I could not agree more….Sen Cruz is an outspoken and well positioned man who understands the fundamentals of individual freedom AND responsibility; those two go hand in hand. Since when was being a 25 classify you as a “kid”? I believe part of what sets him apart is his willingness to say what many (and of late the majority) of the US population believe.

    But we at the local level, in social media and in our own social networks, also carry the burden to speak up. Political correctness has no place in the public discussion. Let’s respect each other and each other’s viewpoints without tearing down the person. When did disagreement become unacceptable? When did a Biblical point of perspective become offensive? We were founded on Christian-Judeo values, in spite of the current trend. Not a republic in history has survived more than 230 years or so….we are a republic and we are not too late to buck that trend…but it will take work. And we the people, in order to restore our Union should be unafraid to ask that those we elect do the same as we do at home.

    I would also add we should push for term limits on those who represent us in the House and Senate of the US. The president is limited to 8 years, I think that we should also limit our representatives to two consecutive terms also…. It isn’t out of the question, just takes a little bit of momentum where we all live and share our lives also!

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