It has been a very interesting week in review as we reflect on the release of an American held against his will. A few friends have voiced their opinion on “leave no man behind.”

Stay focused on the VA issue

First off, I want to make sure that we all realize that the American held for 5 years was released at the same time of another huge scandal involving the VA and this administrations lack of leadership. Just when things are heating up on the newest embarrassment for this administration our collective attention is shifted to something else. So, I want to make sure that we all circle back in our own way regarding how poorly managed the VA is currently. How so many of our troops are dealing with a over burdened, bureaucratic and complex organization. Please stay focused on what I consider to be the bigger and more important issue.

Just the Facts

Now, on to the issue of an American held in captivity for 5 years before we “negotiate” for his release. Let’s put aside reports that listed him as a deserter as far back as 2010 and how members of JSOC tabled a rescue operation due to the risk and while I’m speculating, the reward wasn’t worth the cost of more American lives. Why did this administration decide to abandon a foreign policy that while I can’t prove this saved countless lives by giving pause to potential hostile actions.

The needs of the many

The policy of no man left behind is one I fully support. It’s a fact that when one of our own is separated and regrettably captured there is no stone that would be left unturned to find and rescue them. I sincerely doubt that if one of my teammates was in the same situation that hell would be order and swift would be the execution. However, is there a point where the American interests and the lose of more American loss is too great.

To the airwaves we go

Another point to make is a corner stone of our legal system, ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ But before we go into that argument I want to at least address why is this administration so keen on sending their fleet of talking heads to the media sphere professing this and that and otherwise making this guy out to be a soldier who served with distinction. There are so many issues with this situation it is not even funny. So, if innocent until proven guilty lets not feel the need to shove it down the American people’s throat. It will come out in the end if justice is to be served. However, the modus operandi of this administration during questionable times has been to take to the airways to establish to reinforce the right choice they made even before the dust has settled. So, again if we are innocent until proven guilty, then lay off shoving down our throats your point of view before the real facts are released. It’s like they use this tactic as an almost first strike weapon in an effort to plant the seed.

Why NDA’s???

One last point, why would members of his unit have to sign NDA’s? That’s a very curious thing. What purpose does it serve to have these guys keep quite. Why can’t these soldiers who have first hand knowledge comment on their observations. Is it solely because they are part of an investigation and if so and here’s the real question…..when will they be able to share their observations because 50 years is unacceptable.

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