Recently we saw another landmark victory handed out by the courts. This time the results meant that citizens were no longer restricted to carrying a loaded firearm outside their homes in the District of Columbia.

Justice delayed is justice denied

This particular battle took almost five years to get “a” judgement much less a favorable judgement. It seems the judge dragged his heels until some legal counters got the job done. I can understand  how Judge Scullin feels, he had to know his decision would be scrutinized by everyone and their grandmother. I would imagine with a topic so contested like our Second Amendment few are interested in being in either party’s crosshairs.

One of many

What we are seeing is a steady righting of our legal rights. I for one am glad our judicial system has had the wisdom to see the issues and vote in a manner that protects our constitution and our constitutional rights. Even though the DC police chief passed a department wide message informing her officers not to enforce the now unconstitutional DC code the anti-gun movement is already hard at work trying to get the decision repealed as well as other measures that again challenge the constitutional legalities of our Second Amendment. For me, this represents a very dangerous situation and one I want to direct everyone’s attention towards.

Give them an inch

One excuse I’m seeing is how Washington DC is different than any other location within our great borders. That certain provisions need to be taken because of this situation, the way one can interpret that is as an attempt to suspend constitutional rights because of a location. This represents such a slippery slope for us all that we need to play particular attention to and defend against. Right now, it is prohibited from legally carrying a firearm in certain government buildings. While I don’t agree with this idea, it is currently the law. Let’s put aside the reason why, some will say it’s for your protection. Again, this “feel good” mentality at some point will need to be challenged. For the sake of a quick point, until the government can “guarantee” my family’s safety I will bare that responsibility. Truthfully, I would never ask nor expect that from the government as I believe the best person for the job is the individuals themselves. Part of the problem I see in our country is that lack of responsibility that many are quick to surrender.

Safety or liberty

Again, it’s a slippery slope, but back to the point. The pretense that because certain locations are so sensitive the citizenry cannot be responsible to be armed is just a lame excuse. More importantly it’s an attempt at more “feel good” legislation that has proven to be either ineffective or unconstitutional. It shouldn’t matter what the location is, it’s already prohibited from carrying firearms inside these sensitive locations and anti-gun proponents are now trying to stretch that to outside, near and eventually just go for the whole gun confiscation because it would just be better.

I don’t think many of us are quick to relax from this victory, we should take a moment to celebrate, but we quickly need to get back in the fight. As we approach our mid-terms all of us will need to get involved. We can no longer afford to “hope” for “change”. We must seize it.

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