I’ve had a couple of conversations recently that while all on different subjects had a common theme. We can all be guilty of it at times, overlooking the obvious.

as plain as the nose on your face

Sometimes we work really hard at making things harder, over thinking what can sometimes be pretty obvious. This past weekend I was at the Crossfit Games and was pleasantly surprised to run into so many people that had trained with me, want to train with me or follow my blogs, truly blessed. We had several great conversations where some turned into questions regarding proper or optimal technique. They all varied, but my answer was pretty much the same. I took what they knew from an athletic perspective and helped them to apply all that knowledge and skill into shooting. It was great and surprisingly easier to do than you think.

That’s it…

My experience working with athletes from Crossfit and other modals has made a big jump within the last several years, which makes sense considering the explosion of Crossfit and other exercise techniques. The benefit for me is being able to speak a language they understand then tap into an understanding of body movements few understand. That’s a lot of understanding, but it pays off big time and the results are usually the same; success. Like anything there is a degree of newness, but once I can bridge that gap it is pretty amazing the results we see. A lot of times I get, “that’s it?” To which I reply, pretty much. The key they have is a greater understanding of their body, muscular chains and movements pathways.

Shift in perspective

Of course there’s more to it, but putting things in a manner they can be easily digested gives them a huge advantage. All I’ve done is given them a slightly different perspective, one they are more familiar with and then we expound on it from there. During one of the training blocks at the games this past weekend I listened to my good friend Tony Blauer as he did something very similar. Through his Crossfit Defense seminar he provides a slightly different perspective, the audience can not only relate, but can apply movements that are familiar. He see’s similar results, which helps to correlate what I observe on my end.

A true head start program

I have said this before, but will continue to say it until it soaks in; “the fitter you are, the harder you are to kill”. Those with a strong fitness base who are looking into the firearms training will be surprised how well you will do. Put aside the competitive nature most have and focus more on the knowledge of body mechanics, discipline and performance standards. It’s a lot easier than you think and you are starting with a huge leg up, literally.

Understanding body mechanics is something I have enjoyed both in my personal and professional life. I took it for granted from my Navy days, but I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity now. I find it such an easy correlation to make, take a moment to look at things from a different perspective because you never know what you might find until you look.

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