I had a nice blog all ready to go for today, but yesterday I got into a conversation with a person on a friend’s page that in my opinion was part of the problem.

The unthinkable…again

The title of this piece comes from General Patton, a no holds barred leader of men in the truest form. The reason why I bring this up is quite simply we are looking at some hard times ahead of us. Those of us who have seen evil overseas did so with the express intention of fighting them there so we would haven’t to fight them here. With our lack of leadership in our government, our poor economy and of course the flood of illegal immigrants it is reasonable to consider terrorist attacks on our home soil. We haven’t seen a coordinated attack since 9/11 and I sincerely doubt we would see another 9/11 type attack. Not because of the efforts from the TSA, but I believe there are less lambs and more lions on airplanes now a days.

The method to our madness

Now, we could get all wrapped around the axle, we can continue to post the atrocities that are published all over the internet. But how is that really helping, in my opinion it is not. Those who understand the evil, have seen it first hand. Those who haven’t seen it first hand, but know it’s out there might be more inclined to do something, but those who refuse to acknowledge are more than likely not going to be swayed by the videos themselves.

Mental toughness and you

If you have been paying attention to the blogs over the last year then you probably picked up on a few things. It was an encouragement of sorts, an encouragement to train, to practice, to equip with the ultimate goal of being prepared. I believe the single best deterrent we have is the fact that we are an armed society. I wrote a blog about it a while back where I described a Utopia of sorts. It’s worth reading again as is many of the blogs on mindset. It really doesn’t matter if your mind is not right. John Steinbeck said it best, “The final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental.”

By the numbers

I have tried to lay foundation that would double as both personal security path, but with ties to national security as well. I believe the key to our future is fighting for our future and that may very well mean fighting on our home soil. I encourage everyone to consider this deeply, give it the respect it deserves. There have been multiple motives for writing these blogs, but one that I kept close to the chest was the fact that we are outnumbered. When I say we, I mean the lions, the pipe hitters, the messengers. There is a great video I encourage everyone to watch from Bridgette Gabriel, she puts it in a manner that is easy to digest if you are willing to listen.

Bring it…

My hope is that enough people will pull the wool off their own eyes, educate themselves first, learn about those who hate. Then confront your own fears, your own reluctance to take up arms for your own personal defense. There is an unstoppable army amongst us, their is our heritage that guides us, there is the sleeping giant that once again must be awoken and allowed to rain death and destruction against those in the world who’s only interest is our destruction.

I will leave you with another great quote, while it authenticity has come into question the message is clear, it should be trumpeted to the world. Damn straight…

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

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