There is a saying in my community, “the most dangerous weapon is a bored frogman.” No truer words have been coined and recently I was pretty bored.

One of one is none

I have been very happy with the popularity of the new TRION™ ProCarry. The only bad news is I have had to loan my copy to a few gun writers who did an outstanding job, here is one article to check out. During the time of my blasters absence I went back to some old faithfuls, at first was a little put off, but it turned out to be a great experiment. In my infinite wisdom on this experiment I decided to go with one pistol and one holster for everything and I do mean everything I do. Luckily this was over my summer break so I didn’t have any classes to contend with. The summer heat was pretty challenging, but the outdoor activities were a lot of fun.

Fun in the sun

So, I set about looking over my inventory and giving some thought to all the activities I like to perform in the summer time and it was a lot harder than I thought. My goal was to choose one pistol and one holster, I gave myself some flexibility with belt selection though. The funny part about the belt was I went with one for the majority of activities. Now some of you may be shaking your head and wondering what the big deal is, that pretty much all you have is just one pistol and one holster. My experience has shown me  having multiple holsters to choose from allows me the best selection for the conditions and environment I have to deal with. As I have mentioned before I like to live my life, but I like to be armed while I do so.

An old friend

My pistol choice would have been my ProCarry as I find the Glock 19 the best concealed platform. Add the ProCarry enhancements and it is hard to beat, but like I said earlier I was bored. I could have gone with another Glock 19, but ruled it out in an effort to get outside my comfort zone. That left either the Glock 26, Glock 27 or Glock 23. Honestly, I ruled out the sub-compacts because I couldn’t attach a light and when I said I was going to one gun it wasn’t just for concealed carry it was for home defense as well. That left the 40cal compact pistol. The beautiful thing about the Glock family is the interchangeability of the various lines and equipment. So, my Glock 23 will fit any of my Glock 19 holsters. Because all my pistols have the same spec’ed out package it wasn’t a big deal at all, in fact the only objective points I noticed was a reduction in magazine capacity (2 rounds, eh) and the weight (30 vs. 31 ounces).

My new go to?

The pistol was pretty easy, the crux to this experiment was the holster. I pretty much knew it was going to come down to a holster, but it was harder than I thought and the answer may surprise you. Drum roll please…..I went with the VanGuard 2 from Raven Concealment. Now before people get all up in arms about the custom holster we have for the ProCarry follow my logic first. It gave me a lot of options, like strong side, appendix and great for my carry bag. I could wear it with my athletically fitted shirts, it the slimmest profile. So, it gave me the most versatility with the parameters I placed on myself.

It was a great experiment and I took away a lot of lessons that I will blog about in a future article. What started as more of a joke actually turned out to be a great exercise. I would encourage others to give this consideration, not my gear selection so much, but the conditions and can you do the same thing.

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