During casual conversation this weekend the topic of the French terrorist attack came up. It was a good conversation, but it also gave me some insight into how some regard the threat of terrorism.

Know the truth

It should come as no surprise that our country has been at war with islamic terrorism since the Beirut bombings, something we recently celebrated a few months back. Our country sees our current war as the beginning of this conflict, when it dates back well before 9/11, the Embassy Bombings in Africa and the USS Cole bombing. I know most folks mean well, but it is somewhat disheartening when their only understanding of terrorism is 9/11. By no means am I trying to downplay the horrible events, just trying to emphasize that if that is how you regard our recent history of terrorism, you may need a better history lesson.

Freedom of Religion

I am not a fan of any media outlet that tries to portray Islam as peaceful or misunderstood. The first thing we all need to recognize is that while it may be a religion, it is not a religion of peace. One of the greatest values we have as a country is the freedom to practice whatever religion you subscribe to and I will continue to support that freedom. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to like it or talk nice about some of them. Let’s face it, there are some pretty silly and disturbing “religions” out there. Where I draw the line is when they become oppressive or in some cases deadly.

Unlikely ally

I hate to actually make a reference to Bill Mahr, but his recent comments regarding the French terrorist attacks were 100% spot on and I agree with him. It is not a religion of tolerance or peace for that matter. It is a bit odd to see someone from the liberal left come out and speak the truth. I will admit, I was thinking there was some spin he was going to through out there, but to my surprise he kept to his point. He made a comment how he was raised to stand up for the little guy, the person being bullied or treated poorly. He understands that the freedoms we so take for granted are now being challenged by the religion of peace and folks are realizing they don’t like it. No duh dumbass’es, but you reap what you sow.

Take up arms

I was asked what we can do as a country during this conversation and my answer was too detailed to cover here, but as individuals the best thing you can do is educate yourself. Don’t take my word for it or even Bill Mahr’s, please do your own research. Learn about the religion and what is at stake, realize we are at war and there are lives at stake, our children’s lives and their ability to live in a country that we all grew up it. Believe it or not, that landscape is coming into question these days. I also strongly encourage everyone responsible enough and courageous enough to exercise their constitutional rights to be armed do so. Seek out qualified training and carry on a daily basis. Things may get ugly, but one of our greatest strengths is the fact we are an armed society.

Now is not the time to tip toe around sensitivities, now is the time to call a spade a spade. We are at war and we need to conduct ourselves accordingly.

4 thoughts on “A Wolf at Our Door

  1. flashback says:

    I would say they’ve been at war with us since the days of the Barbary Pirates and Thomas Jefferson….but your points are valid and true, political correctness and apathy will not win any battle/war. We have the responsibility to take it upon ourselves to be as well trained as we can be…we are our first line of defense.

    • Jeff Gonzales says:

      There is a significant difference between President Jefferson and our current administration. President Jefferson took action by letting loose the US Navy and Marines. Problem solved without apology or concern for sensitivities.

      • flashback says:

        Oh yeah, a helluva difference between the administrations! I am sad to say that our current admins beliefs are on the opposite side of the argument this time….that is my belief anyway.

  2. w9zmad6he says:

    I’m a Christian and have studied all the major world religions. A Christian is a person that follows the teaching of Christ that are taught in the Bible. If one want’s to modify those teachings at some point it is no longer Christianity.

    A Muslim follows the teaching of Mohammad and the primary source is the Quran. Islam means submission not peace. The later passages supersede the older passages. The Quran becomes more violent in the later passages. Make no mistake Islam is NOT peaceful. The goal is to spread Islam until the entire world is under its law.

    Some Muslims reject this long term goal. Like people that want to modify the Bible, those that want to modify or come up with a alternative interpretation of the Quran are not following what the Quran teaches. It teaches submission and rule by the sword. Another important factor is that Quran teaches it is proper to lie if it benefits Islam. So why should one believe a so called Muslim say we don’t want war but peace.

    Make no mistake Islam is violent. They will wage war in the US and we must be ready in mind and body.

    Check out the video below. This is an honest Imam interviewed on Fox News.

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