I am so sick and tired of the Hollywood elite opening their mouths. Granted, I have never met many of them, but I’ve met a few and talked to a few a more. There are some who get it, then there are the douche nozzles who are slowly becoming oxygen thieves.

Show some respect

While the country of France is mourning their recent terrorist attacks, it didn’t take long for hollywood actor and wannabe “tough guy” Liam Neeson to take to the airwaves. If you didn’t catch it, I strongly suggest you take a moment to read his “words of wisdom” as they relate to guns and our American Culture. While the headline calls him an “action hero”, that is far from correct in my opinion. All too often we see folks who have the opportunity to manipulate the airwaves for their own personal agenda. I mean, he doesn’t even address the issue as it relates to France, it just moves to his toxic view of the American Culture. It is not a “gun” culture, it is our American Culture.

Hypocrite, the definition

I find it repulsive he would take the time during an interview as it relates to another country’s tragedy and take a cheap shot at America. Particularly since he has made millions at the box office portraying “action heroes” who seem to be quite comfortable with, you guessed it…guns! It appears his level of hypocrisy knows no bounds, as most of these films are rated for their intense sequences of violence. I’m pretty pissed off because I have enjoyed some of his movies and was planning on taking the family to see the current one, but with this recent behavior it makes it really hard. It’s one thing for actors to portray action heroes in violent films and TV shows, where they use firearms to kill scores of villains, but for them to then profess to be anti-gun is just absurd. It would be nice to live in a world where if you came out as anti-gun, you could no longer profit from any gun friendly activities to include action movies. Boy howdy would that snap most of these douche nozzles into proper alignment.

Gun control safety fallacy

Since we are on the subject of anti-gun rhetoric, let’s suppose for a moment that his comments were directed at the country of France. I mean, after all, that’s what the whole conversation was supposed to be about. So why not complain about the gun culture that cost the lives of French citizens? The answer is probably because France is a pretty oppressive state for the law abiding citizen to legally obtain firearms, any firearms. While we are at it, why don’t we take a look at the arsenal of weaponry the terrorists used to execute all those noble, yet unarmed citizens. Let’s see, there were several semi-automatic pistols, some Molotov Cocktails, smoke grenades, AK-47’s, a hand grenade, some dynamite and a rocket launcher. That’s right, a rocket launcher! I’m pretty sure they didn’t follow the French law to legally obtain them, so why would they do that??? I mean, why wouldn’t they obey the law? Because they are terrorists and criminals, and their regard for human life is completely nonexistent.

Pick a side, there is no middle ground

I don’t know about you, but if you are faced with someone who doesn’t regard your life as sacred, you better be ready for a fight… A fight to the death. I know that sounds cliche, but it is the cold, hard fact. There will be no timeouts, no pleading for your life, no mercy or quarter given to the innocent and UNARMED populace. There will just be murder, mayhem and an otherwise complete disregard for social order or humanity. Face it, it is not a “religion of peace” and needs to be dealt with in an unapologetic and decisive manner. I don’t care whether you like former President George W. Bush, but in his post 9/11 speech he commented that you are either with us or against us (paraphrased of course). Nothing has changed, other than those who occupy the White House.

Accountability is something many people have forgotten recently. Our government is allowed to run amuck, so politicians and now celebrities are doing the same thing. I for one am not going to sit quietly. I’m going to call you on it, Liam Neeson #hypocriticcelebrity. I hope this hashtag actually gets around and more people take action…even if it’s marginal at best.

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