So, you are having problems achieving a good grip. Here’s one thing to play with, go small.

Don’t judge a gun by it’s size

At the last Concealed Carry Tactics class we talked about backup guns and how I use a Glock 26 as my go to for this role. I am quite enamored with this sub-compact and in fact I think it is the best one in it’s class hands down. A lot of people are put off by it’s size, particularly it’s grip. I don’t mind it at all and while some folks might have yeti-paws, the average hand fits on the mini-blaster quite well. The big point of contention is how the pinkie just sort of dangles there. That my friends is part of the problem, you just let it dangle.

Squeze your pinkie

If you put the effort into having a powerful grip originating from the lower digits or the bottom of the grip then this wouldn’t be as big a deal as you think. Our technique with this pistol and other similar subcompacts is to curl your pinkie into your palm as if you are squeezing your hand to make a fist. You should feel the pressure in the heel of your hand as well as the underside of your forearm. If you are, then you are doing it correct and will find it much easier to shoot this smaller framed guns. Here is a big lesson learned, try not to change your firing grip just because you have a smaller or larger frame.

The Kung-Fu grip

The power from your grip should originate from the lower digits, check out this blog (Kung-Fu Grip) as I go into more details. To achieve the optimal grip you start by applying pressure from the lower digits, almost like you are cascading up your fingers. If you own a Glock 26 then try it yourself, just wrap that pinkie digit so that it digs into the heel of your hand, really try to squeeze your pinkie into your palm. You may actually even find yourself squeezing your palm into the lower portion of the frame. Chance are you do that anyhow, but you didn’t notice it until you play with the smaller frames.

The proof is in the pudding

Now, this is really going to fry your noodle. Go back to your compact or full size gun and apply the same pressure; concentrating on your pinkie finger. What you should feel is an more improved powerful grip across all your platforms simply because you actually worked to lock in your grip with the subcompacts. Yes, if you shoot the smaller frames like you drink tea then you have problems that are beyond the scope of this format, but if you have a basic understanding of grip and then exaggerate it with the subcompacts you are going to see some nice improvements across the board.

+2 isn’t a bad thing

Some will ask me about the grip extensions for the subcompact magazines. My response is to go for it, not because it gives you a better grip surface (perceived or not), but because they tend to increase your magazine capacity. Mine do at lease, I use the Pearce “+2” grip extension. I also like them because the checkering matches the frame’s, but that is my crazy OCD going wild. As for the reliability that some may question, if properly installed they should give you years of service. Mine were tight at first, but run just as smoothly at the OEM magazines and they have thousands of rounds through them.

By forcing you to think of your grip from a different perspective hopefully you see some improvements across the board. Not everything is as it seems, sometimes you have to trust the process.

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