If you haven’t heard, there was a new bill about concealed carry introduced by Senator John Cornyn of Texas. This bill if passed would respect a permit/license holders to exercise those same rights outside of their home state or residence.

Finish it off already

Honestly, I feel it is only a matter of time before we see a nationwide concealed carry landscape in our country. The timing is right, I have been observing not so much a swing, but an acknowledgement from the “anti-gun” crowd. They know the battle is lost and now they are just grasping at straws. The false claims that have driven most anti-gun rhetoric is well known for their inaccuracies creating doubt and lack of trust in pretty much anything they say. That doesn’t mean we get to relax, if anything now is the time to close and finish this fight. I am strongly encouraging everyone to contact their local representatives in support of Senate Bill S.489.

Familiar territory

Again, let’s not get too excited. We have been down similar paths before where something resembling national concealed carry was shot down. A big difference now is the Republican control of both the House and Senate. Add to that the need for many politicians to show they are doing work and we will probably see similar bills being introduced on a variety of subjects. I’m going to remain optimistic, it will be interesting to see who decides to support and who doesn’t. Particularly with elections on the horizon. It makes sense we will see some momentum, which is why it is so important to get involved. Communicate to your local representatives, don’t sit on the sidelines.

Defend the constitution

Another big question is whether it is a waste of valuable time and resources. That is probably the easiest question to answer. A resounding HELL NO! Folks, this is about a constitutional right being recognized across state lines. It should be pretty easy to put this into context, your right to bear arms, protected by the US Constitution and confirmed by SCOTUS should be recognized through out our great land. I get that each state wants to retain autonomy from the US government and I totally support that notion. The problem we have to navigate is recognizing a constitutional right across state borders while at the same time respecting each state’s laws. Some states have stricter requirements and laws while other have lesser. That to me doesn’t seem too difficult to resolve and I turn to how states recognize a state driver’s license. While each state is slightly different how they test, issue and renew they all cover some common ground. That would be the real trick, you either take it as it is or you work with the US Government to come up with recognized standards.

Keep it simple

Personally, I think it will be easier to just recognize them as it. You can bitch and complain about how you view your state citizen’s safety and the rational behind the law. I feel if a law denies you a constitutional right just because you cross a state border we have a problem. Those in the anti-gun crowd are probably seeing the writing on the wall, they need to make some compromises and quick otherwise there will be more lawsuits challenging the existing laws and before you know it the anti-gun folks won’t have a pot to…well you get the point.

Most people are law abiding citizens, the law should not punish them just because they are exercising their constitutional right outside of their homestate. The law should protect them, it should protect their right to protect themselves.

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