After a week since the latest ATF ammunition ban announcement what has really transpired? Are people really seeing the big picture here?

A waste of time

Yes, you can state your comments publicly to the ATF before the deadline. However, if you reviewed the 17 page notice you would realize they are going to do whatever the hell they want. Your input is just a means to provide an avenue for the pheasants to vent in a sense. That you somehow feel your comments will have an affect and change their minds. I hope everyone is listening to this next statement because it will be the most important one you hear until the next important statement I make. YOU CANNOT!!! You, we the collective will not change the mind of the ATF no matter how many people respond. Does that mean you do not respond, absolutely not! In fact, please do respond and please consider this before you do respond.

Focus on Congress

The only way we are going to prevent the future ban of ammunition is by changing the law. Right now, the law in question was enacted in 1986 by congress and the language of the law was directed at ammunition “designed” as an armor piercing round. The fact that some rifle ammunition will penetrate armor or steel does not make it an “armor piercing” round. I have used AP rounds on numerous occasions and they have their purpose for sure, but they are a specialty round built from the ground up to penetrate steel/armor. However, the ATF has taken to defining armor piercing on their own and that has the implications of future ammunition being banned that should alarm everyone.

The first step

Now, the title of this article is “Gun Confiscation by Proxy” and I bet you are wondering why. Because quite simply that is exactly what is happening and you better be paying attention. Whether this law or any other law truly becomes law, the mere mention of the ban has already affected everyone. It has already set in motion the gun confiscation wheels.  First off, you have availability. Yes, the M855 may permanently disappear from our world. If that happens, there will be a huge vacuum created that will not get filled. To have that many rounds overnight become illegal will put the whole world on it’s knees regarding availability in a manner of speaking.

Followed by this

The next outcome is the panic buying that will ensue for whatever is left over. The government knows this, they have architected similar strategies in the past. Anytime the government talks about a firearms ban, the first thing that happens if folks go out and purchase everything they can get their hands on. That will create a huge demand, which will then produce outrageous pricing. We have already started to see these practices. Companies who price gouge get a bad rap from the industry, but they are just taking advantage of an opportunity. You don’t have to like it, but it is part of being capitalist, understanding the law of supply and demand. You of course could protest by not buying, but I promise you someone will so then you are just left without ammunition in the end and you sure did show them.

The truth

All roads lead to gun confiscation by proxy. At a certain point when you play this out to it’s logical conclusion you will see how the government has created a fairly clever strategy to enforce gun confiscation. If you have no ammunition then they consider that a win. The important point to consider is if they are successful with this ban I promise you there will be more down the road. Think of this as just a test bed for their future plans and strategy. This is how they are dismantling our way of life, through seemingly insignificant steps that individually are not too distressing, but taken as a whole mean submission. Never forget that is the end game here; submission.

A call to action

Now, what can we do to really make a difference in our future. We must lobby to have the Congress of 2015 fix what the Congress of 1986 broke. Seriously folks, we need to have congress leading the charge here, they need to be the tip of the spear. While I still encourage folks to voice their displeasure to the ATF, I personally feel it is futile. What we should all do is make it very clear to our congress this is nothing more than confiscation and we must put a stop to it once and for all. We must also communicate this to the NRA, that we want them to articulate to congress how we want to see this ban thrown out. One other point to consider is what prompted this action in the first place? Why now? Has there been a significant number of deaths caused by rounds not designed as armor piercing? So far this year on our Texas roads there has been 275 deaths, I don’t see a lot of complaining from the government about all those innocent lives being lost on the roads. Yet, they are quick to snuff out your constitutional rights in an effort to gain control of the public.

Remember folks, the end game has always been the same and that is submission. This is just another form, they are attacking a constitutional right that helps to keep the government in check.

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States

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  1. Griff says:


    Great article. I like to regularly touch base with my representatives and their office staff. Do you have a call to action or generic verbiage template for your followers to cut and paste to their representatives?


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