Very rarely do I blog about equipment specifically, but last week I had the chance to play with Target Vision. You have got to check this thing out.

Real time spotting scope

First off, what is it? It is a portable, durable wireless enabled camera system that provides real time feedback of your target. The model I used was their “Short Range Spotting Scope” good out to 300m and it made my job so much easier. Obviously the first thing that many people are saying is why do you need one of these units. At just under $600 they are pretty expensive many will say. If you were to take a look at a mid range quality spotting scope you will see this product is actually cheaper. Of course, spotting scopes have a broader range of use other than viewing targets, but if you are looking to achieve immediate feedback from your training it will be hard to beat this product.

Efficiency at it’s best

We started out zeroing some rifles at 50 yards, within the first volley I was already sold. As I sat behind the shooter I could immediately observe his shot groups. The shooter was able to view his shot group from my smart phone once completed. Not only that, but I was able to annotate the sequence of each shot and then separate each group for organization. It took a fraction of the time to zero the rifle and while the shooter had previously zeroed both of his optics we switched that morning so it was great to confirm. The software is very user friendly and within a few minutes I was unlocking other unique features that provide some amazing capabilities.

ProTips and teaching aide

Later during the session we would preform some diagnostic drills at distance. These drills are designed to isolate a shooter’s technique so we can evaluate them. They are either good and we reinforce or bad and replace. This is a time consuming evolution generally, but again we were able to make light work of the drill by viewing the target. On top of that, the software allows me to video the screen. Since the shooter is behind the gun, this gives them the opportunity to watch their volley when done. During each stage we applied corrections and were able to see the benefits almost immediately. ProTips are instant, so I can literally watch the shooter and the moment he breaks the shot look back to my screen to register the shot providing an even higher level of diagnostics.

Limited limitations

There are not many down sides to this unit, what I discovered is a slight breeze on the target can make it a bit difficult to annotate the bullet’s impact, but that is no fault of the product. Battery life seemed reasonable, we used it for multiple sessions over a two day class charging it at night. It did drain my smart phone battery, but that was to be expected and can be accounted for with an external battery. All in all from an instructional point of view this thing is a huge benefit with low liability.

I can see it’s application far and wide, whether as an individual trying to get good dope on his rifle or a school house trying to increase their efficiency in classes the Target Vision get’s it done.

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  1. sdirge says:

    I have owned one for about 1 year. The target vision team and the product is awesome. They keep adding features! I would recommend the tripod mount for the camera unit.

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