Recently I read an article written by someone who took aim at the efforts of many within the gun industry working to create a safer world for children. The name of the project is Childsafe and if you have a few minutes please watch the video. I’ve learned not to take things personally these days, the first order of business for anyone in the anti-gun industry is to make it personal.

The truth shall set you free

To me, the article was nothing but a condescending tribute at best, blatant attack at worse. Safety has been an integral part of the shooting industry for as long as I have been a part of it and more importantly it has evolved. It has evolved to meet the current social and political atmospheres. Growing up, I was taught gun safety by the Boy Scouts first, then family and friend leading up to the Navy. I cannot remember a time when safety wasn’t on the forefront of any of these groups. To say, we as an industry are all of a sudden trying to court “votes” by taking steps to produce educational and informative documents, videos and other forms of publication is weak sauce.


It is really quite simple, while our industry is filled with a bunch of crack pots, wanna be’s and even a poser here and there, there are several honest to God leaders. Folks who make it an important message in an effort to create a safer environment for everyone. The truth of the matter is no amount of “safety conscious” material would have prevented any of the tragedies we have witnesses. Instead these same tragedies have been used to further rob of us of our constitutional rights. There has been nothing “sensible” or “common sense” coming from the anti-gun crowd to promote safety, true safety for everyone.

Cast the light on the darkness

I don’t see any value in attacking those who are genuinely making a difference. Instead, I see it for what it is, just another opportunity to push an anti-gun agenda. It is so blatantly obvious, but yet there are plenty of people that would consider The Huffington Post a reliable source for gun topics. I have yet to see something that would be recognized as true journalism on this subject from most, but especially the folks at Huffington Post. Add to the flames a so called “gun guy” author who has a shady position within the firearms industry and it is pretty easy to see the feeble attempt.

The olive branch

If the good folks at Huffington Post were truly interested in supporting constitutional rights and increasing public safety wouldn’t it make more sense to see them reach out to the actual experts within the industry. To rise above the pettiness and work together with those of us within the industry who truly make a difference. Granted, I know that is asking a lot, but it should make the point pretty clear of their true motives or the fact they haven’t really made true efforts within the journalist realm to paint an accurate picture.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, it should be pursued at all levels. Now, don’t mistake that gesture for the surrendering or compromising of natural born rights and we will get along just fine.

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