By now most folks have had the opportunity to relieve themselves of the President’s speech from the other night. Then again, if you leave milk on the counter enough times you realize it will be spoiled without having to smell it or worse gag when you gulp it down.

The axe is sharp

It sickens me to see this man attempt to marshal “tears” in an effort to garner support for his continued failures at gun confiscations. Then the media stare into the cameras with a condescending tone, if you don’t recognize this as common sense measures at reducing gun violence you are part of the problem. Well, I have had about enough of that shit! I am no longer going to play nice with a group of people who are hell bent on denying our civil liberties. They should be considered a threat to your rights, your constitutional rights as well as common sense rights.

The hammer is heavy

The line was crossed when I saw screen shot of a White House tweet containing a bold face lie. This lie carries with much more, it is a clear indicator of how low this administration is willing to go to push a failed agenda. No, a violent felon CANNOT buy the exact weapon over the internet. The real issue is more complicated to me, it goes beyond the lie. How can the apex of government lie to it’s people? How is it they can go unchecked or avoid accountability. What if they truly believe what they are saying? How can this notion make any of us feel good or feel like we are being lead by competent people. If it is a bold face lie, I can accept it and will move forward with an understanding they will say and do anything to brainwash the public. However, if they do truly believe it what else does say.

Face the surf

Would I be in the right to question the competency of this administration? Would it be fair to say, if they are so ignorant to this simple fact what else are they ignorant to or about? It would almost make sense if you look at many of their other decisions from heath coverage to foreign policy. What if the entire lot of them are incompetent and ignorant. It would help many of us to justify the horrible decline we have seen in the last several years, both at home and abroad. It matters little in the grand scheme of things, what does matter is determining how many others are infected with this stupid pill.

Get sum!

The narrative this administration wants to pursue is based on doctored facts and a long standard hatred for liberty. When we are faced with the next presidential elections will we as a country remember this lesson? For our sake I genuinely hope so, for our children’s sake and the sake of future generations. Do not go quietly into the night. Instead, forcefully yell to all within earshot just as Paul Revere did that fateful night. There is an impending fight, a fight for our way of life. Make no mistake it is there on the horizon. Many of us see it, but who will do something about it in a manner that will produces results. I firmly believe the best course of action is aggressive confrontation, to stare them down and force them to cite their sources, to clarify their blanket statements to remove the dense fog of obfuscation they are so good at laying down.

Do not let them continue to spread the stupid pill. Shine the light on their lies with righteousness.

6 thoughts on “The Song Remains The Same

  1. Rcraigjohn says:

    Spot on, Jeff. As gun users, lots of attention is often focused on the last half of the second amendment, i.e., the right of the people to keep and bear arms. However, there should also be a focus on first half, namely a ‘well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state…’ The anti gunners always point to this as authorizing gun control because of the ‘well-regulated’ phrase. I look at it quite differently. What I see in this is that the government has a duty under the second amendment to foster firearms training for the citizens (who are the militia), to promote gun safety, use of arms, marksmanship, and providing instructors to assist. Liberals imagine a world without guns. I imagine a world where the ordinary citizens, the ‘original first responders’ walk the streets of Chicago well trained, armed and where the crooks and thugs are the ones in fear. Which dream is more realistic? Where the bad guys will always get a gun? Or where ordinary citizens are well trained and armed (if they choose to be), and the bad guys know if they pull a gun it will be met with armed, trained response. The bad guys never can train as efficiently as the ordinary citizen, as they don’t have the patience, focus, or other attributes that good training demands. That is what the 2nd amendment means to me. And that is where the government is failing miserably.

  2. flashback says:

    Sharing the post above…you hit the nail right on the head Jeff!!
    I fear that the educational brainwashing that has occurred the last 40-50 years in the so-called education system along with the entitlement mindset may be too difficult to overcome in the short-term but we must fight back…it’s always been a strong minority that does the real fighting!

  3. Foxroe says:

    To begin with a quote;
    “To those who don’t choose their philosophy, one will be given”
    Fear sells too much in this culture. Men are not those motivated by fear, but by principle. I resonate with Lt. Col. Grossman’s depiction of the abuse of the word “shooter” in mass murders. I shoot 3gun, so that makes me a shooter, but say that word and mental pictures of tragedies pop up. The lies you speak of are grave, and the media sells on fear. But firearms are also sold when people fear the Government is attempting a new change. We’ve settled down a bit since Sandy Hook, but the conversation cannot go on like this. Gun owners ought not rebuke fear because they carry, but be bold because they have chosen their principles.

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