We have got way bigger problems than worrying about folks who want to open carry. There is this whole notion it was a big deal, well it wasn’t; not even close.

Stop the insanity

I get a little wrapped around the axle when folks get bent out of shape regarding open carry. First off, let me remind you this is still an infringement on your civil rights. We still have to ask permission to exercise our inalienable rights, not cool. On top of that, people think the world is going to end because someone walks into a department store exercising their rights. It doesn’t matter whether you would or wouldn’t do, what matters is whether you support it and you either do or your don’t. Before you go down the road of lambasting these folks as being easy targets or doing something tactically unsound, let’s just remember there are plenty of dumb-asses performing stupid shit from CONCEALED!

Touchy-feely crap

What really bothers me is this notion since the open carry law went into affect of various locations prohibiting open carry. Why are more folks not upset about this subject. Of course, it is their prerogative to prohibit open carry, totally get it and support their decision. It doesn’t mean I will agree with it, but what really chaps my ass is the excuse I have read and heard from large institutions and this is where I want to challenge their thinking. It seems a major justification for prohibiting open carry is to abide by a rule under the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. The only problem is if I am reading the rule correctly it only applies if they register more than 51% of their sales from alcohol. If they fall more into the restaurant scenario then this is a lame excuse designed to avoid the issue, pointing the finger at someone else rather than taking responsibility for their own actions and decision to cow-tow and avoid confrontation. Another word you could use is cowardly.

As a general rule, a true restaurant will have alcohol sales that are less than 50% of gross receipts and would be expected to post the first sign. However, if its alcohol sales are greater than 50% of gross receipts, then it would have to post the second. From the T.A.B.C. website on sign requirements

The real tragedy

Here is something else that bothers me, is how many have resorted to bully tactics from a minority group. These bully tactics are usually worded in a manner that says “uncomfortable, unsafe or dangerous”, but what no one talks about is how these are infringements on our constitutional rights. More importantly, define each of these and how they have resulted in injury or loss of life. How someone’s “feelings” can in the blink of an eye destroy your rights. This is the real tragedy no one is talking about and I cannot stand the cowardly response the institutions will give in response such as “we have to listen and value their feedback.

The time is now

First off, this is TEXAS! Since when do we value cowardly acts, since when do we allow a minority to rule the roost, since when do we loose our courage and bow down to these otherwise meek and weak souls. It is high time we start to get rowdy and I do mean rowdy. If you are paying attention to the elections then you have probably come to the realization the GOP candidate will be the candidate who can energize “we the people” to take our country back. We need to speak up and let these people and locations know we will not stand idly by and allow our rights to be trampled. There are roughly 330,000,000 citizens in this country and roughly 4,000,000 politicians. If we 10% of the population took action in a constructive and organized manner it would be the equivalent of a modern “shot heard around the world.”

Oh this is not over, not by any stretch of the imagination. It is just getting started!

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

2 thoughts on “Open Carry…Whatever

  1. rortiz3203 says:

    What keeps me awake at night is how easily so many in our society are willing to allow their liberties to be stripped away in exchange for a false sense of security. They willingly allow the government to impose greater restrictions on them without so much as a baaaaaaaaah. Most fantasize that greater restrictions will somehow encourage or force criminals to obey the laws and cease preying on the weak. These folks need to wake up and realize that THEY are in charge of their own safety and that THEY are the true first responders in their communities. The police will rarely arrive in time to stop a crime in progress. Most police agencies are understaffed and lack proper training & equipment to deal with major events. We cannot sit silently and watch others strip away our liberties. We must act now and be heard at the polls or soon there will be no one to hear us.

    “When they came for me, there was no one left to speak up.”

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