I think most of us are busy getting back to work, back to improving our lives or the lives of those around us. Then there is the other side, for lack of a better term, the spoiled sports.

Head down and feet moving

It is impossible for us to know what our future will look live over the next four years, but one thing is for sure we all need to move forward. I went to bed last night and couldn’t help but see protests across the country because their candidate lost. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me so much, it is their right. Their right to voice their opinion is protected and I will continue to protect that right even if I disagree with it with my every fiber. If they peacefully organize a protest by all means. It is when things move from peaceful to harmful or dangerous I have a problem, a big problem at that. It is not those of us who disagree that suffer, it is hard working people who are caught in the middle who truly suffer. Right now we need to get back living a good, compasiante and prosperous life.

The greater good

We all go about that in different ways, some may question my profession and that is fine. Again, it is their right, but I contribute to a greater good and I’m quite proud of my accomplishments. I will not let my success be a point of contention with those who are disappointed they lost a presidential race. I can remember sitting on my throne four years ago reluctantly pulling up the internet only to be bombarded by a second term for a president I did not vote for, still do not agree with and feel he has effectively weakened and divided us as a country. But, I sucked it up and focused on what I could do to make my life, my family’s life and those of who would seek me out better.

The shoe is on the other foot

I did not go into a depressive spiral of self loathing victim mentality, I focused on what I could do to make my piece of the pie better. Despite my vehement disagreement with who our president was I went back to the businesss of making a living, providing for my family and continuing to make a better life for those around me. Is it too much to ask the same thing for those who find themselves in a similar situation I was in four years ago? Why can’t we expect the same behavior?

Civic duty

Granted, it is a broad brush to paint everyone who lost this election as a spoiled sport, but it does tend to occupy the social media sites. I see hurtful and inappropriate behavior directed at those who may have found themesleves in a historic position of being able to vote for the first time in such a hotly contended presidential race. I am disappointed beyond words because this is not how it should be, they should not have to constantly defend themselves or thier vote. They should be celebrated and congratulated for exercising their civic duty to uphold our way of life.

This is my surprised face

Can you blame them though, I mean the loser didn’t have the class to accept defeat graciously. She couldn’t’ even thank her supporters for what amounted to non-stop and even life alternating time away from their families to support her. Not even the decency to congratulate her opponent and help to unite the country by extending an olive branch moving forward. No common curtesy or protocol was offered and I honestly feel terrible for her supporters. To be shut down like that, no wonder they took to the streets in an effort to vent their frustrations of not only losing, but being kicked to the curb when they are no longer useful.

Life moves on, we must all move on and do the best job we can. Times are tough, we have a lot of work to do. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution; so which is it?

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