For the love of God and all that is holy relax, it is not the end of the world. You lost an election, not a life, limb or eyesight.

Set the example

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room. I want to see you addressing the violent rioting, assignations threats and other fear mongering going on right now. If you want me to take you seriously, then you need to act seriously by policing up your own because at this point if you do not then I along with the majority of American will assume you are complicit in these acts. If you want a seat at the grown up’s table then start acting in a manner worthy of such by public condemning these acts and calling for them to stop. Recognize the consequences are your responsibility, until you take ownership you are not going to see a change.

Hypocrisy knows no limits

Show me the “tolerance and acceptance” you are oh so proud of because all I have seen is hatred. I find it ridiculously hypocritical that me and my friends are being called all sorts of rather unpleasant names. Why is this acceptable, why is the press not up in arms. Why don’t we see the current president and the loser of these elections calling for calmer heads. I can only tell you what is on our minds and it boils down to they don’t care. I have called numerous people out for their slanderous comments with the simple request of backing up their statements. Where are your facts! Their response is to attack me, ridicule me and call me names because I would be so bold as to question their beliefs. Damn right I’m going to question them and here is another news flash for you, I’m not the only one. If you cannot produce facts to back up your statements then all you are doing is inciting violence, but more importantly you are a hypocrite and I truly hope you are proud of yourself.

Face reality

The world is not coming to an end despite what you are being told and the lies being told are outrageous. It is no wonder our President Elect Trump has turned to social media to communicate with America. He does not have to worry about the spin the liberal talking heads will put on it and the funny thing is it pisses off the media. It was a brilliant move and one I am thrilled about because the majority of America is well aware of their liberal bias. What might have been journalism is a far stretch by today’s standard. I find it reckless and dangerous the media continues on this path and hopefully they figure it out soon for their own benefit.

Stand by for greatness

As far as our President Elect Trump is concerned here are some facts to consider. Within days of his victory Israel congratulated him and extended a warm gesture of continued cooperation. Russia acknowledges the opportunity to make great inroads at stabilizing the world in a cooperative effort. Canada and Mexico both have voiced interests in negotiating new terms with us as we focus on the future and what is best for us, Americans. The market has stabilized and even showed record closing at what could only be a result of a belief in stabilization in the future. All of this should be a wake up call to you that the world is ready to acknowledge our return to greatness.

Inclusion my ass

Lastly, I ask you to grow up. The behavior I see is nothing more than a petulant child and spare me your intellectual superiority. Most commentary I have seen fails to acknowledge one thing, I do not have to see your point of view. Honestly, the current situation has escalated to the point I really don’t care about your point of view. I doubt I will start caring about your point of view until I see you start caring about mine. Not some bullshit attempt, but a genuine attempt.  My recommendation is accept defeat graciously because I have seen nothing but humility in the face of victory from this side.

Let me put it in simple terms, the world does not owe you anything. You are in this predicament because you somehow believe otherwise. Sure, that might be hard to swallow right now, but it doesn’t change the facts.

3 thoughts on “A Note to My Liberal Friends

  1. ga2813 says:

    In response to “A Note to My Liberal Friends”. I agree with you whole heartily.

    Mr. Trump:
    This man, Donald Trump, did us all a BIG favor by running for President. Mr. Trump, being a business man saw this country basically circling a 20+ Trillion dollar drain and said he’d had enough and stepped up. We should all be appreciative of that. He certainly didn’t need the money and is forgoing his Presidential salary. He didn’t need his life flipped upside-down by the biased Media, and other political haters. He didn’t need the death threats, an attempted assassination, slanderers, or his private life publicly blown totally out of proportion. If he were a Military Commander, I’d be proud to serve under him. In my mind, the biggest thing Mr. Trump has going for him is that he is NOT a corrupt politician running for another corrupt political office.

    Hollywood Elites:
    You know who you are, the ones that said they’d leave this country if Mr. Trump was elected President. To you I say, “Please Leave” and upon leaving, denounce your US citizenship, sell all of your fancy cars, your fancy houses, etc. that we the “Deplorable” helped you buy, just leave………………bye, bye!

    NEVER Hillary:
    You calling me and millions of other Americans “Deplorable”, only makes me prouder to be an American and a Veteran. And naturally as a Deplorable, I voted for Donald Trump. I voted for Donald Trump to hopefully stem yours and others politically correct tide of corruption in our government and just maybe, help save our country from the likes of you and your like-minded gun hating, Anti 2nd Amendment zealots.
    Personally, I’m glad that you won’t be able to:
    • Open our borders endangering our Citizens
    • Put our military and other government personnel lives at risk because of political correctness.
    • Put our military combat troops in harm’s way without a clear defined and defensible mission.
    • Take away the right of law-abiding citizens to own a serviceable firearm of their choice.
    • Make it cost prohibitive for a law-abiding citizen to be able to buy ammunition.
    • Make “Smart Guns” mandatory endangering lives
    • Force all of our US firearm manufacturers and supporting businesses to go out of business and out of the United States
    • Put in place Presidential Directives that would be traitorous to this country and its constitution
    • Appoint, Amendment trashing Justice(s) to OUR Supreme Court
    • Use your appointed office for your personal gains any longer
    • Waste another 4-8 years of our country’s future.
    • Turn our country and its citizens into Victims

    Sorry, I’ve run out space!!!!!!

      • ga2813 says:

        Hi Jeff,
        I truly believe that Trump will be a refreshing, profitable and needed change for our country. And personally, unlike some others I don’t care if his new position happens to make him some money at the same.
        Being in the military in 68 I’m pretty old school. We should bring back the draft and follow Israels model where everyone must spend 2-years in their military. Lets face it, except for the exceptional few, the Liberals are producing a generation of victims. Sadly enough that is showing up more and more in our military, our legal system, our laws, and our Government as a whole.
        The really scary thing in my mind is that our current laws are totally inadequate to combat radical terrorism in this country. You may have already seen this information but if not ,see what you think,

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