After the recent mass killing in Texas as expected there is a plethora of knee jerk reactions. Most of them are the same old rhetoric with nothing addressing the real issue.

3.2.1…play tape

There was a time when a mass killing event was rare, when it happened about as often a human lighting strike. Things have change, our landscape is changed. We have seen a decay in societal norms on all levels that has allowed the value of human life to fall to new lows. Regardless of what the talking heads want to talk about that is the real issue. Our world places less value on human life these days. Hard to stomach that notion. The solutions to our problem are not going to be addressed in a single article, but what is not helping is the continued anti-gun party line narrative after these events.

Stop the insanity

While I pay these little head, many still value the noble efforts of their political champions. In a single word, it is all bullshit and if you believe gun control is the answer you are part of the problem. Before the subject of gun control can be discussed review the existing laws that make it unlawful to commit murder. Start there, read the statues to understand the law before you pick a side. Oh wait, you haven’t read the statues, but already picked a side…again part of the problem. Those who would fall into this category seem to be fueled by emotion, if logic was possessed at one time it seems to be missing in these discussions.

Don’t be that guy

The real tragedy is when so called expert gets on the boob-tube to espouse their “expert” opinion about how guns would not have helped, they only hurt. Or another favorite of mine is only law enforcement and military should have gun because they are trained. Or another one, the average citizen is ill prepared to deal with such a horrible event. I want to remind everyone that despite your approval it is a constitutional right to be armed (where legal of course) and it shall not be infringed. It is pretty easy to read the second amendment and please don’t be so childish as to insinuate the founding fathers could not have imagined the evolution of weaponry. They didn’t have to, they knew with first hand knowledge the evil of men, the oppressive nature they vowed to break free. The only way to guarantee the future was to ensure the citizenry could protect themselves against the government.

Stop beating around the bush

Next, be honest. Don’t use a tragedy such as these or others from our recent past to push your political agenda. Be a man or woman and say you want all out gun confiscation. Those of us who believe in our constitutional rights are not as dumb as you think, but your thin vale of humanity is pretty damn transparent. If you are truly interested in humanity, then consider the real issue at hand. It is violence, pure and simple. Sometimes there is motive behind it, other times we will never know. What we do know is the right to live and to protect oneself and family should be more important than someone’s feelings.

You stand a higher chance of dying in a car crash, but the anti-gun will continue to push their agenda. Your response should be an unwavering, steadfast stance of “shall not be infringed.”

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