There are no words I can voice to help families grieve or cope with their broken hearts. Nothing I say will bring back their loved ones or put their lives back together.

Oh look…ass-clowns

There are also no words to describe the ass-clownery that commences the moment after a tragedy. It took all of a nanosecond before the anti-gun movement began their predictable journey around the sun. I don’t need to hear the empty rhetoric, I don’t need the deception, I don’t need them pissing down my back and tell me it’s raining. I have had enough and I’m more than happy to have a genuine conversation with those who can see past their own emotions. The vast majority don’t want to have a conversation; they quite simply are out to dismantle the constitution. Starting with the second amendment. Stop it, cease and desist…you are not fooling anyone.

Safety tips

If you want to have a genuine conversation you need to abide by these simple tips. Don’t lie to me, don’t try to come at me with some heart string tugging when you only want gun confiscation. Be honest, I will respect you more. Don’t try to compare yourself to me. You are not, you never will be. You will never amass the knowledge I have regarding firearms, their judicious use, their history, our history and our national security. If you think you can match wits with me in those arenas you are an idiot. So, I don’t care if you own guns, believe in reasonable anti-gun agendas or just want a civil conversation that only includes your viewpoint. It’s not going to happen until you take the time to educate yourself on those subjects. Make no mistake, I have educated myself on your agenda, motives and tactics. Don’t try to belittle me or my beliefs because they don’t match your anti-gun agenda. You better respect them if you want any chance of a genuine conversation. Don’t try to blame me for the actions of a psychopath. Don’t blame an inanimate object that is incapable of independent thought or action. Don’t try to talk over me, try to drown me out with slurs or insults and definitely do not label me or associate me with the acts of a psychopath. If these helpful tips are put into practice I can envision a genuine conversation.

Focus on the real problem

If you want to have a genuine conversation don’t start it with gun violence. Gun violence is not the problem and if you believe that, you are an idiot and refer to the previous paragraph for tips on how not to be an idiot. If, however, you want to talk about violence. You will have my undivided attention. I will lay into you about how the decay of our society has given rise to the decay of human worth. How pervasive violence is in our society. How society has be brainwashed through television programs, movies and video games to devalue human life. You want an honest discourse, you better educate yourself on this subject. You better come at me with something related to this moral decay, acknowledging it is the first step. Don’t for a moment come at me with anything remotely close to anti-gun rhetoric because I will call you out for what you are; an enemy to our constitution and way of life.

Now you know

If you truly care about how pervasive violence is in our society then you better educate yourself on the subject. What you might learn is violence is on a downward trend and has been for a while. Crimes such as murder, aggravated assault, rape and robberies are declining across the country. You better do your research, be ready to state your sources because I am happy to fact check. Here is a news flash, I don’t care about other countries. I don’t care what they do, what they say or what they think because they are not Americans. They have no business in my business. The reason I don’t care what other countries think is simple. The Constitution of the United States! Yeah, it sucks to be you, to not have inalienable rights bestowed upon you by God so keep out of my business.

Keep these tips in mind and you’d be surprised at what good would come. Make no mistake, I’m open to genuine conversation, but my conviction and resolve to protect our constitutional rights is steadfast.

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