Tragedy is never the result of a single incident or act, it is the culmination of several seemingly insignificant acts that combined lead to tragedy. Have you stopped to consider your immediate actions if you are caught in a mass casualty event.


Your first priority should be towards your safety and the safety of your family. If you are with your family ensure they are together, stay together and seek to evacuate the scene immediately. You will want to get them at least one terrain feature from the attack site. That is code for at least one full city block or enough distance you can worry less about secondary explosions or explosions targeting our first responders. If you can evacuate via your vehicle, then skinny pedal on the right and don’t look back. Get your family to safety first and foremost.

Strong Point

If you cannot evacuate one terrain feature or more and you are forced to strong point then find a secure area and lock it down. Remember, in these events there will be chaos and confusion, you may find it better to strong point until the scene is safe. Try to find a location at least off the beaten path away from the attack site. Secure the door and if possible barricade it with something. This is the time to gather as much information as you can, but also go into power conservation. Create a rotation of about 30 minutes and then power down the remaining devices. Use this time to gather as much information as possible. In particular safe egress routes once you decide to beat feet.

Strength in Numbers

If you are with your family, but you are separated at the time of the attack now is the time to fall back to your link up plan. Hopefully you put one in place that has something basic such as if we are separated in case of an emergency then go to this location and wait so many minutes. If still no link up, then go to this place and wait so many minutes. The goal is to try and gain distance from the attack site while at the same time gather your family members. You also want to have as part of your link up plan some type of communications plan. Should there be an emergency you will touch base with family via a group chat/text with your status and location. Every hour on the hour everyone should check in with a status update. Should you have a family member not check in now you have to retrace their steps in an attempt to locate them.

Separation anxiety

If one of your family members fails to check in, you need to retrace their steps. What was their last known location and start from there. In this case it may be ideal to break into two different parties. Your main body should continue to strong point or evacuate to a safe location. While you look for your missing member. While there are plenty of reason someone missed a comm-check be prepared for the worse. Chances are the scene may still be unsecure and dangerous, but there may be wounded and dead you must confront. Do what you can or what you must.

Worse case scenario

We all know where this is heading, you locating your family member and they severely injured and immobile. Your first priority should be to ensure the scene is safe. Then do your best to treat the injury. The most common fatality in these types of events are blood loss. Since medical teams cannot enter until the scene is safe you are the first responder. Let’s hope you have the bare bones of a medical kit such as tourniquet. Follow all medical protocol for it’s application and stabilize to the best of your ability. Yes, very few things can replace a tourniquet, but should you not have one or other medical supplies; improvise.

It is sad this is part of our landscape these days, but that shouldn’t stop us from preparing. It also shouldn’t stop us from hunting this bastards down.

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