Tactical Pistol 2

A person shooting with a Tactical Pistol

Register Now for Tactical Pistol 2 Course Description: The Tactical Pistol 2 (201) is a 2-day intermediate pistol course designed to equip the modern gunfighter with shooting skills necessary for [Read More]

Advanced Pistol 3

Two Men Wearing a Grey and Blue Shirts

Register Now for Advanced Pistol 3 Course Description: The Advanced Pistol 3 (301) is a 2-day advanced pistol course designed to test modern gunfighter’s skill level. In this advanced pistol [Read More]

Advanced Rifle 3

A man with headphones and a rifle in front of a target.

Register Now for Advanced Rifle 3 Course Description: The Mid-Range Rifle Marksmanship (307) is an advanced level 3-day course designed to push the shooter and equipment to the maximum effective [Read More]

#293: The Breaking Point w/ Jeff Gonzales

The social disorder podcast with drew weatherhead.

#293: The Breaking Point w/ Jeff Gonzales Former Navy SEAL and Buds instructor – Jeff Gonzales – joins the show and recounts the psychological pressure that he both endured and [Read More]

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