AAR CP2 Gainesville, FL 26-28April2012

Trident Concepts conducted their 3-day intermediate Combative Pistol, Level 2 (CP2) class in Gainesville, FL at the Gainesville Target Range. The weather was excellent, high 80° with some high humidity at times. You have to love the humidity and it along with sunscreen would make gripping the pistol a bit of a challenge. The student body was a mix of local LE, some military and private citizens. We had folks come a long way for this class and some that have had scheduling conflicts for a few years finally make it to a class. It all worked out as we had a great time, sometimes classes just click and this one did an excellent job. I love it when they literally move by themselves. We were ahead of schedule for most of the class and maxed out on the round count, both rarities.

Equipment has become somewhat boring to talk about, but something worth mentioning goes back to defining your mission. There was one LE officer who chooses to fire something other than his duty weapon. The complication in keeping the brain aware of the different types of triggers is a lot to ask of anybody; much less folks who struggle to get range time. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple, if you cannot use your duty pistol then at least have a backup that closely resembles if not exactly your duty pistol. I owned several Sig’s while on AD for this reason. I know it might seem simple to most, but it still is worth mentioning just in case there is any lingering doubts.

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AAR MRM Austin, TX 23-25Mar2012

Trident Concepts conducted our three-day Mid-Range Marksmanship (MRM) in CENTEX recently. A little bit about this class, this class is something we run for several of our military and federal clients. It is designed to push the standard issued M4/AR to the outer extremes of its effective range. While the maximum effective range is hugely debatable the more important question is do you have the skill to hit at these ranges. Let the bad guy worry about the terminal performance. I love this class as it really pushes your skill level and challenges everyone to bring up their game. While we do a fair amount of shooting from the prone position, there is a substantial amount from the kneeling and standing position. Some will question these positions, but in the real world you find yourself having to engage from a variety of positions and more importantly you would be surprised what you can do when you practice.

When you can effectively engage threats consistently out to 300 yards, you change the face of the battlefield; it’s as simple as that. At these ranges, fortune favors the skilled shooter and it has been proven time and time again that a single marksman can have devastating results on the battlefield. Now, imagine entire units and organizations with these skills. This is not a precision rifle shooting class; that needs to be understood first off. While several skill sets are transferrable they are two different animals. The point behind this class is to bring back the rifleman culture, a culture that over time has diminished somewhat. Continue reading

Sunny Day in Paradise

Arc’Teryx Fusion Jacket

Over the years Mother Nature has shown her wrath in more than one of our courses. We have seen a lot and trained through most of it. There were those times where common sense and safety prevailed and we called it a day earlier than normal. While we are typically prepared for the ill effects not all of our students respect the dangers of foul weather. In one class last year the weather was pretty bad, but pretty common for that area and time of year. I was surprised that as the weather deteriorated we had a couple of students drop out of class, a few who showed signs of hyperthermia and the rest were adequately prepared and while still miserable were able to stay in the game. I have come to the conclusion that there really is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices in clothing. In this article we are going to talk about microclimates, some clothing strategies and clothing suggestions as it pertains to tactical training and operations. Continue reading

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