Jeff Gonzales “”From SEAL Teams to Trident Concepts”: Jeff Gonzales’s Transition and Success

Jeff Gonzales “"From SEAL Teams to Trident Concepts”: Jeff Gonzales's Transition and Success

In this episode I spoke with Jeff Gonzales, the best dressed former Navy SEAL I know and Founder & CEO of @tridentconcepts, Author of @concealedcarrymanual Host of @bulletproofworkshop A big [Read More]

S06E09 – Navy SEAL Training, Concealed vs. Open Carry, & School Sh***ings with Jeff Gonzales

Seal secrets with jeff gordon.

Dive into the depths of the rigorous world of a Navy SEAL with retired Navy Seal, Jeff Gonzales. A unique episode, as Jeff isn’t just a SEAL; he’s been my [Read More]

Jeff Gonzales: Weapons and Tactics Expert – Danger Close with Jack Carr

Jack carr and jeff consolas dinner close.

Today’s guest on Danger Close is Jeff Gonzales. Jeff is an entrepreneur, weapons and tactics expert, host of the Bulletproof Workshop podcast, and former Navy SEAL. After Jeff’s military service, [Read More]

#293: The Breaking Point w/ Jeff Gonzales

The social disorder podcast with drew weatherhead.

#293: The Breaking Point w/ Jeff Gonzales Former Navy SEAL and Buds instructor – Jeff Gonzales – joins the show and recounts the psychological pressure that he both endured and [Read More]

Power Athlete Episode 419: Packing Heat w/Jeff Gonzales

The logo for power athlete radio.

GUNZZ! If you’re following one of the Power Athlete Training Programs we know you’re packing heat in the ol’ humerus holster but what about your 2nd Amendment arms? Firearms expert, [Read More]

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